10 Date Night Ideas for COVID-19

10 Date Night Ideas for COVID-19

Ya’ll, this pandemic is really messing with my date night groove! 

My husband and I had this list of all these local restaurants we wanted to check out. We have only lived in the area two years, so there were A LOT that we hadn’t been able to try yet.

And places we wanted to go together! Fun activities and classes. So many plans!

But you know that phrase, “We make plans and God laughs”? Yup, totally my life. Especially during this pandemic. 

So then, how do we keep the romance alive during the shut downs? Especially when you have little mini-me’s who rely on you for basic survival needs? 


We gotta get creative!

Here are a few creative ways you can still enjoy date night with your spouse in the midst of COVID-19:


#1: Movie Night Under the Stars

This one is great if you have tiny ones in your home. 

After the kids go to bed, grab some popcorn and a couple glasses of wine, maybe some twinkle lights or candles, and set up in your backyard. 

You can watch a movie on an iPad, laptop, or my personal favorite, a projector! Borrow one from a friend or you can get my favorite projector here on Amazon

Even if you don’t have a blank space on the side of your house, hang up a sheet with some duct tape or ropes between tree branches. 

Boom! Date night!


#2. Online Paint & Sip Night

Ever done the paint and sip nights at art studios or wineries? 

Well, check it out online! Lots of groups had to go virtual to keep their business thriving during the shut down. 

Which means, lucky you! 

If there is a local studio you know or have heard of, check them out first. See if they have a night planned on Zoom or Facebook Live. Support local businesses at the same time as you enjoy a special date night!


#3. Do a Puzzle Together

Another great option if you have young kiddos in the home. Plan for it after bedtime.

Want to add a little romance? Light a few candles, grab some cheese and wine, and enjoy some alone time together!

Puzzles are also a great opportunity for conversations! Check out Pinterest or Google for some date night questions. Share your answers with each other as you work on your puzzle together.


#4. Picnic in the Park

Even with the social distancing and mask requirements, picnics are a great opportunity for connecting outside of your home!

Grab a backpack or fill up a basket with some sandwiches, fresh fruit, a cheese plate, and your favorite sparkling drinks.

If you are on the Peninsula, pick a spot on the beach and watch the waves while you enjoy a special meal together. 

Don’t forget to grab a fun colored blanket to set up your picnic! Extra points if you bring along some flowers for a little romance.


#5. Make Your Spouse a Mixtape!

Remember back before the iPod? When you had to burn songs onto a disc? Or record them on a mixtape? 

Do you remember the butterflies when you put together a CD or a tape with songs that reminded you of your crush? Oh my gosh, some of my favorite dorky memories to reminisce about!

Well, let’s live those butterflies again!

Grab you iPhone or get on your Spotify and create a “mixtape” (aka playlist) for your spouse (think 10-12 songs). Have your spouse make one, too!

Then go for a drive! Roll down your windows and blast your tunes with the wind in your hair. 

You can take turns one song at a time or play your full playlist in one drive, and your spouses on another drive. 

Laugh together! Smile about the hidden meanings behind the songs you share together. Pretend you are teenagers again just infatuated with your partner!


#6. Make a Tik Tok Video Together!

Haven’t heard of Tik Tok? Well, you need to!

Tik Tok is a fun app where you can make short, creative videos. There are lots of trends on Tik Tok, and let me tell you, they are pretty fun!

If you have older kids, have them teach you a little bit about it before your date night.

Find a trend you think will be fun (or funny) to participate in. Set your phone up, and hit record!

Enjoy the laughs with this fun little app you can do together!


#7. Enjoy a Spa Night!

This pandemic can cause a lot of anxiety for all of us, in so many different ways. 

Kill two birds with one stone and turn your date night into a double self-care night!

Another good plan if you have young ones in the house. All you need are some facial masks, a bucket/bowl for a foot soak, and some good smelling candles

You can also enjoy a relaxing bubble bath together.

Toss around a few rose petals, add some wine, and voila! Romantic evening in the midst of COVID-19.


#8. Watch a Virtual Concert

So many entertainers have moved their talents to virtual experiences when the Shelter in Place began. 

Search up some of your favorite artists to see who is hosting some at-home concerts on different platforms, whether it is Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, or even on your favorite TV channels.

Here is a website that keeps updated on some of the virtual concerts you can watch over the next couple of months.


#9. Get Your Brick On!

Okay, if you have kids who like Legos, I really hope you have heard of Lego Masters! Hosted by Will Arnett on Fox.

We loved watching it every Thursday morning with my son. (Side note, Tyler and Amy did the best on that last build, but I still wish it had been Mark and Boone!)

Steal your kid’s Legos for a night (or use your husband’s if he is still a kid at heart). 

You can pick a theme from the Lego Masters show or come up with your own. Time yourselves for your builds (you probably won’t need the 11 hours the Fox teams used) and GET YOUR BRICK ON!


#10. Enjoy Drinks Around the World.

You can start at the Prime Meridian, or randomly hit places on the map with a dart as you work your way around the world.

Wherever you land, find out what the local favorite drinks are and create them yourselves at home! 

Land on London? Try a Pimm’s Cup! Working your way across Japan? Try a Ginza Mary!! 

You can either have one person make drinks for both of you, or you can each try making the cocktails and see who makes it better.



The important thing with date night during COVID is to be creative! Creative in your activities, as well as your conversations. 

If you find yourself needing some inspiration for things to talk about during date night, I highly recommend the book Eight Dates by John & Julie Gottman.


And if you find yourself needing to add a little more romance to these creative dates, try adding flowers, candles, and wine! Instant romance!



Take care, friends!


Alisha Sweyd, LMFT




Photo by Heather Ford on Unsplash


Disclaimer: I do receive a small fee for the Amazon Affiliate links in this article.