Rates & Insurance

The Benefits of Paying Out of Pocket

Your mental health information (including diagnosis) does not go on your permanent medical record, which is required through insurances. 
We are not required to provide you with a diagnosis, which insurances require to prove "medical necessity". 
You will not receive a surprise bill due to lack of reimbursement from your insurance. I have seen too many times where the insurance does not reimburse for services for many reasons, even after I have correctly completed the paperwork. Due to this unpredictability, I have chosen to not accept most insurances to prevent you from having this added stressor to your list. 
You have full control over the frequency and length of services, not your insurance. 
Private pay-based clinicians often specialize in their services, whereas clinicians in insurance contracts are often generalists to meet the contract requirements. 
I charge $150 per 50-minute session and $225 per 90-minute session.
The fees charged cover peripheral services for clients, including phone calls, texts, emails, support letters, research, consultations, and referrals as necessary. These services also help to ensure your treatment is tailored to your specific needs. 


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If you have a PPO plan with another provider, your insurance may be able to reimburse you for the sessions as an out-of-network provider cost. I can provide you with the proof of service to assist you with your reimbursement. If you choose to apply for reimbursement through your insurance, please understand that the medical information necessary to submit this to your insurance will include your diagnosis and will go on your permanent medical record.
When considering using your insurance for services, you should always begin by contacting your provider and asking the following questions:              What are my mental health benefits?              What is the coverage amount per therapy session?              How many therapy sessions does my plan cover?              How much does my insurance pay for an out-of-network provider?              Is approval required from my primary care physician?