Marriage Counseling

All relationships are hard. Marriage relationships are even more challenging. You feel alone when what you want is to feel comfort and support. You feel empty when what you desire is fulfillment and significance. You can't understand how you both have become so disconnected All of the unmet needs, unrecognized wants, it makes your marriage feel lost. You just can't keep going like this.
The arguments get ugly, or they don't happen at all. You have been living at the speed of life, and now you find your marriage has drifted apart. You don't know how to bring it back together. The good news is you don't have to do it alone. Tenderness and passion are just around the corner! 

You can find restoration and healing.

Photo of a couple who enjoyed the benefits of marriage counseling.

You don't have to be married to receive the blessings of couples counseling! Whether you have been together a short while or married for decades, many couples benefit from counseling support. If you are dating or engaged, you both can gain insight into how your strengths and weaknesses work together to create the relationship you dreamed of. If you are going through a rough patch, you can learn how to reconnect and add depth to the relationship in ways you have not thought possible. If you have been together for decades, you can grow closer than ever before, finding meaning and fulfillment in the story your marriage has created. 
In sessions, we can explore the barriers keeping you from relating with each other in helpful ways. This approach helps you to strengthen your communication, heal the hurts, and increase your intimacy
I work with couples who are dating, engaged, married, or in committed relationships. Most couples who I see are hoping to reconnect and rekindle their relationship, or find new ways of communicating that don't involve hurtful words or deep emotional pain. I use approaches that are proven to work based on decades of research. You will receive both tangible tools as well as opportunities for growth. I am also able to utilize a special assessment to enhance many aspects of your relationship, from communication to sexual intimacy to financial contexts. 

If you are of the Christian faith, I am able to incorporate biblical truths in our approach to your relationship. This allows for God to enter into your marriage, provide grace, and allow for the resurrection love of Jesus to breathe life into your marriage!

Marriage counseling sessions last between 50-90 minutes. For rates and fees, look here. Sessions occur on average once every week or two weeks. Based on your goals and treatment needs, therapy and counseling can be as brief as 8-10 sessions or can be longer-term over a year or two. 

I offer a free 20-minute consultation for those interested in counseling services. It will give you a chance to describe your particular issue, ask any questions about my experience, and help you feel more comfortable with me.

Have enough courage to trust love one more time, and always one more time.

Maya Angelou