5 Tips for Staying Happy & Healthy During the COVID-19 Recovery

5 Tips for Staying Happy & Healthy During the COVID-19 Recovery

Guest article from Cheryl Conklin at Wellness Central.

For months, the COVID-19 pandemic has likely affected almost every aspect of your life. But now that public health restrictions are being lifted, you might be restructuring your daily routines. However, you may still feel like you need to incorporate new habits into your day to keep you feeling and looking good. These tips will inspire you to take good care of yourself and prioritize your own wellbeing as we progress through the COVID-19 recovery. 

Consider Remote Therapy

The past few months have been an extraordinarily challenging time for everybody, and if you’ve ever considered talking to a therapist, you have the option of signing up for virtual sessions if necessary. If you do choose to move forward with virtual therapy sessions, PsychCentral recommends cleaning up your space and turning off your notifications before signing on! Making time for therapy in your weekly schedule can bring long-term benefits for your mental health, and now that you can connect with a therapist from the comfort of your home, it’s never been easier. 

Stick to a Healthy Diet

Yes, cooking for yourself is a simple way to make sure you’re eating a nutritious diet, but cooking every night can get very time-consuming. Instead, you may want to try a meal delivery or grocery service in your area. You’ll be able to plan healthy meals and save time while drastically reducing your risk of contracting COVID-19. If you’re hoping to lose weight, you may want to look into a meal delivery service that offers low-calorie options. Before choosing a service, compare the price, online reviews, and how easy it is to use.

Commit to Fitness

Want to truly look and feel your best from head to toe by the end of the pandemic? It’s time to commit to a workout plan! Your gym may still be off-limits, but you can start exercising at home instead. Health.com recommends setting up a workout space in a specific part of your home where you can exercise safely. You might want to stream online workouts or even order fitness DVDs; with so many people working out at home right now, your friends are sure to have recommendations! It’s also a smart idea to go for walks outdoors on a regular basis for exercise to avoid a vitamin D deficiency

Treat Yourself to New Clothes

Sure, you may not be socializing much right now, but in a few months, your calendar might be a little busier! If you want to update your look, why not do some shopping and pick up a few new items for your wardrobe? Prioritize comfortable pieces that still show off your personal style. For instance, you may want to purchase new leggings, pajamas, cardigans, or cozy sweaters. You can wear most of these clothes around the house or when you’re out and about! 

Practice Self-Care

There has never been a better time to focus on self-care. Self-care looks a little different for everyone, so choose relaxing activities that you truly love - as long as you can do them safely. And if you live with a romantic partner, you can take time to plan adorable date nights that are COVID safe! Celebrating the small things is a great way to practice self-care as a couple. Overall, it doesn’t hurt to prioritize yourself once in a while. After the events of this year, you’ve certainly earned it. 

At times, you may have felt like you were struggling to keep your head above water during this pandemic. But with restrictions being rolled back, the future is looking brighter. By following these tips, you’ll find yourself looking and feeling better than you have in months. 

Do you feel like you need support to navigate this next phase of the pandemic? Consider reaching out for counseling support!



Cheryl Conklin

Cheryl Conklin takes writing and tutoring seriously. From her travels and experiences, Wellness Central was born with the goal of instilling the mindset of physical and mental wellbeing to various audiences. She only wishes to be able to share her many inspirations from her escapades.


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